4 November 2019

I’ll have a solo exhibition of my work at The Study Hotel in Philadelphia, PA

20 September 2019

I’ll be exhibiting at Bushwick Open Studios and also the New York Art Book Fair with Kayrock Screenprinting.

5 August 2019

I will be attending the ChaNorth Summer Residency in August 2019. Looking forward to spending this time creating many new pieces!

19 May 2019

My work has been included in the group exhibition Every Woman Biennial (formerly the Whitney Houston Biennial). Exhibition is on view in New York from May 19-29.


8 May 2019

I have a solo exhibition at the Tamaqua Community Art Center in Tamaqua, PA near my schoolhouse studio in rural PA. Opening is May 8 from 6 - 8 pm.


29 April 2019

My work has been included in the group exhibition Taglish: The First Picture of You, 1990. It  will run from April 22 to May 3, 2019 at The Philippine Center New York, 556 5th Ave, New York, NY 10036. The opening reception will be Friday April 26 from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM. 


5 March 2019

Kayrock Screenprinting brought my print to their booth at Spring Break Art Show. The print was made in collaboration with Kayrock as part of their Freshprint Series.

18 January 2019

My piece “Brownout 7” has been included in the online exhibition Salad Days. Curated by Kate Mothes of Young Space.

8 November 2018

I'll be participating in The Other Art Fair Brooklyn from November 8 - 11.


5 October 2018

My work has been selected for Fjord’s 5th Open Call exhibition titled Fever Dream. These two pieces will be on view until the extended exhibition date of November 17. Opening reception is October 11 from 6-9 PM.

Screen Shot 2018-10-23 at 11.55.07 AM.png

25 August 2018

My paintings have been profiled on Artspace's email announcement. Click the image below to read the entire email.

8 November 2017
Myself and Sonya Derman have been invited to speak about the nature of our collaborative project, 2MF, for an undergraduate Senior Thesis class at Columbia University

27 August 2017
Myself and Sonya Derman are leading a workshop called Daughter Intensives as part of the exhibition The Soothing Center at Trestle Projects in Gowanus, Brooklyn. Curated by Jesse Firestone.


We invite you to join us in an afternoon of gentle diagnostic exercises and psycho-spiritual healing. Navigating the sticky interactions between self and community-care, we will explore both the celebratory culture and the hidden ideologies of different survival systems. Participants will have the opportunity to christen our bespoke questionnaires and worksheets, breaking into small groups to discuss their findings. We encourage you to re-parent your inner child in this conversational experience featuring soothing snacks, meditative sound, and curative visuals.

29 June 2017
My painting "I Voted (v2)" will be exhibited in "Broad Stripes and Bright Stars" at the Ely Center of Contemporary Art in New Haven, CT


This show is inspired by 60+ years of artists, from Jasper Johns, Faith Ringgold, Barbara Kruger, Nam June Paik to Dred Scott, David Hammons and Sarah Rahbar, transforming, responding, re-appropriating the American flag as an iconic graphic symbol and potent political message. We admire numerous group exhibits on the American Flag; the “People’s Flag Show,” Judson Memorial Church in NYC in 1970, “Old Glory” at the Phoenix Museum in 1996, and “For Whom it Stands” at the Lewis Museum in Baltimore in 2014 as well as many more recent gallery and pop up shows around the country.

The Broad Stripes and Bright Stars exhibit at the Ely Center for Contemporary Art highlights both the indelible graphic power of the American flag and its symbolic use in engagement, resistance and resilience. It includes a wide range of practices and perspectives from artists, both local and from around the country and beyond. 

Ely Center of Contemporary Art
51 Trumbull Street, New Haven, CT 06510
Opening Reception June 29, 6-8 pm
On View June 29 - August 13
Curated by Aicha Woods and Dave Coon

19 March 2017
I'll be participating in this year's Whitney Houston Biennial


The 2017 Whitney Houston Biennial: Greatest Love of All comes as a response to the awakening representation of women artists in major museums and galleries. To highlight female artists in New York this season, curator and artist Christine Finley will host female artists from a varied range of geographic and cultural backgrounds, disciplines, methodologies, and generations. The aim of bringing together so many creative voices is to sing a collective song that celebrates the contributions of pioneering female artists and marks a moment in our communal trajectory. In this newest incarnation, Finley is asking each artist to select a female pioneer who inspires them to accompany their work of art, thereby expanding the show through generations of inspiring women who came before them.

“The Whitney Houston Biennial is a feast for the eyes and a celebration of female voices.” Artist and curator C. Finley

The show’s title not only playfully addresses the traditional (and concurrent) exhibit held at the Whitney Museum, but also honors a strong and brilliant lady, five years since her untimely passing.

chashama at XOCO 325 West Broadway, New York, NY
Opening Reception March 19th, 4-8pm
On View March 20th -29th 12-8pm

20 February 2016
Our latest episode with Nate Heiges is now available

16 December 2017
I'll be showing a work on paper in the exhibition Stone Soup Nasty at Orgy Park:

Sone Soup Nasty
Opening December 16th 2016
December 16 - January 16
created by Katherine Aungier, Jennifer Lee, Zuriel Waters and Steven Mykietyn

Look inside the cauldron- it shakes, boils over, alluring broths wafting of sweat. Super packed with paintings, this soup’s pungent odor will have all the neighbors asking. Great new powers demand a sacrifice, art pieces are stirred up into a boiling soup, a creative new association, a STONE SOUP NASTY. So your split jeans, spliced dreams and combined ingredients create a strange mysterious flavor. Bring your stones for this soup of touching, caressing and making. This marker of something coming from somewhere spontaneously in which we exchange spells; in a moment recognised in its new owner’s home for the test of time. Emerging from this experience, bolder and more confident spells- liberated by setting free the arts we have created. Cooks all sharing together these small works, these small stones.

Liz Ainslie
Andrea Arrubla
Katherine Aungier
Rory Baron
Joshua Bienko
Tess Bilhartz
Kate M. Blomquist
Lauren Collings Schwarz
Corydon Cowansage
Nicholas Cueva
Julie Curtiss
Emily Davidson
Sonya Derman
Rachel Fainter
Elise Ferguson
Angelina Gualdoni
Yuhi Hasegawa
Clinton King
Jenny Lee
Stuart Lorimer
Ioana Manolache
Anthony Miler
Patrick Mohundro
Dominic Musa
Steve Mykietyn
Dan Oglander
Maria Stabio
Adam Sipe
Tracy Thomason
Charles Tisa
Zuriel Waters
Lindsay Wraga

16 November 2016
I'll be doing a presentation with Sonya Derman at Columbia University on our artist project 2MF.

17 October 2016
Our latest episode with Eric Ramos Guerrero is now available.

31 July 2016
Myself and Sonya Derman will be holding a conversation on our collaborative project 2MF and its relationship to our object making practices for the exhibition Tandem at (harbor), curated by Steven Mykietyn.

July 10th – July 31st
Opening July 10th- 6- 10 pm. 

Jaimie Henthorn & Misael Soto
Joey Frank & Daniel Kent
Sister Gallery
Sonya Derman & Maria Stabio (2MF)
Sorry Archive
Venske & Spänle

Curated by Steven Mykietyn

Regina Rex and (harbor) pedal on the same proverbial bike at their Madison street space. In the spirit of these two galleries operating together, Tandem presents seven two person artistic collaborations that each operate as combined voices. Sister Gallery curates artists in a series of solo shows in a Bushwick neighborhood window that can be seen from the street. Run by Jenny Lee and Zuriel Waters, Sister Gallery will occupy a window in (harbor) featuring work by Per Billgren. Sonya Derman and Maria Stabio of 2MF host monthly meetings with selected artists to talk on subjects related to their artistic practice, this time they have been asked to give a talk akin to their practise during the course of the show. Sorry Archive, the alter ego for Claire Mirocha and Vanessa Thill, have teamed up with Siebren Versteeg to invite 81 artists to replace the card icons in the 1990s game SET. The Sorry SET has been printed and will be available to play with its 81 new and sometimes perplexing images during the show. Jaimie Henthorn and Misael Soto will present a performative work that involve bodies in dialogue with their setting and architecture. Often subtle, the performers move in and out of context with surroundings and objects, using action based tasks that blur the line between acting and non-acting.

Soda_Jerk create videos from pre-existing films and digital material. They pull out characters from cinema and mash them into new narratives, using rotoscoping techniques. The new stories they create, often inspired by the attitude of Sun Ra and William S. Burroughs, take on a magical journey involving humor while challenging ideas of copyright for video/film. Joey Frank and Daniel Kent make objects and drawings with the aid of a laser cutter, slicing out shapes and wacky doodles from acrylic plexiglass, they insert themselves into disguises of the real world, such as mini drawings inside the face plates for electrical outlets. Venske & Spänle hand carve marble from northern Italy into blobby marshmallow like forms that appear to interact with banal objects like 7-11 take out containers and milk crates. The effect of this transformation is uncanny and humorous, raising the commonplace into something more supernatural. Cast from the spell of dynamic duos, Tandem provides a glimpse into the workings of two person collaborations.

23 July 2016
I will be sharing a previous artwork related to a (somewhat) shameful experience at 2MF's summer event and party at Orgy Park, along with 10 other artists

2MF presents an evening of regret, “bad art”, hindsight, and artistic doubt. Participating artists and thinkers will select and share a piece that was once a source of pride and joy, but now a marker of previous identity or discarded artistic/intellectual ideas. 

Ana Božičević
Deric Carner
Sarah Chacich
Sonya Derman
Elizabeth Ferry
Nate Heiges
Citron Kelly
Kristen Jensen
Julian A. Jimarez Howard
Maria Stabio


18 July 2016
Our latest episode on Clocktower Radio with Kaitlin McDonough is now available.

13 June 2016
Our latest 2MF episode on Clocktower Radio with Kerry Downey is now available.

16 May 2016
Our latest 2MF episode on Clocktower Radio with Ioana Manolache is now available.

01 May 2016
I am an artist-in-residence at The Rensing Center until May 29th.


11 April 2016
Our latest 2MF episode with Amy Beecher is now available.

04 April 04 2016
I have been invited by my former professor Dana Clancy along with painters Kaitlin McDonough and Sarah R. Pater to give a short talk on my work at Boston University's College of Fine Arts, my alma mater. 855 Commonwealth Avenue, Room 500, 12:30 pm.

01 April 2016
Broad Strokes is on view at Pen and Brush (29 East 22nd Street New York, NY 10010) from April 1 until June 5. Installation views of my work below:

05 March 2016
Artnet news posted this article about Broad Strokes, an upcoming group exhibition at Pen and Brush that I'll have 7 paintings in. Opens April 1.


14 March 2016
Our latest episode of 2MF with Andrea Arrubla is now available.

08 February 2016
Two of my pieces have been accepted for publication in Issue 29, Sinigang for the Soul: Conversations on Mental Healthin Maganda Magazine, the longest running Filipino-American literary arts publication in the nation. The issue will be released in Spring 2016.


01 February 2016
Our second episode of 2MF with Bethany Ides is now available.

This episode of 2MF features artist and writer Bethany Ides. Following an off-site meeting with 2MF hosts at Sunview Luncheonette, Ides steps in the studio to discuss operas and soap operas, Mr. Rogers, intramurality and spectatorship, teaching, and the joy of exceeding reasonable expectations.

All music in this episode is by Bethany Ides

07 December 2015
The first episode of 2MF is now available on Clocktower.org.

Joshua Smith is our first guest artist. He is a regularly exhibiting artist whose work has been the subject of solo exhibitions in recent years at Essex Flowers (NY), SOUTHFIRST (NY), Shoot the Lobster (NY), West Street (NY), Art Production Fund (NY) and John Connelly Presents (NY). He is a cofounder of Essex Flowers, a collectively run art gallery in downtown New York. 

We discuss his personal journey as an artist living in NY for the past ten years. Along the way: art & morality, Lee Lozano, artist organizing, Essex Flowers, NADA, Shepard Fairey, & appreciation for Tracy Emin.


2MF is run by Sonya Derman and Maria Stabio.
2MF is determined to promote pro-emotive and anti-academic conversation among artists living dis/contentedly in the un/ranked spaces in New York City.
2MF is a hybridized kind of group: part non-sequitur discussion series, and part group therapy. 
2MF is a project in two parts. 

1) Nomadic in-person meetings open to the public, traveling across spaces in New York City, facilitated by guest artists.
Centering around "content" relevant to the facilitating artist, these meetings are partially structured and partially improvised. We draw from the felt experience coinciding with a text, and its' messy intersections with the world-as-lived.

2) The second is a radio show, hosted by Clocktower Radio at Pioneer Works in Red Hook, Brooklyn. 
The program features meandering conversations with 2MF's guest artists, reflecting and drawing from in-person meetings.


23 November 2015
I am currently an artist in residence at the Hinge Arts Program at Springboard for the Arts in Fergus Falls, MN. This year's selected residents are working in the circle of the now defunct local state hospital, also known as the Kirkbride Building. The state hospital admitted and treated patients with various mental illnesses and those struggling with addiction. It opened in 1890 and closed in 2007. It is no longer open to the public. As an artist in residence, I have the privilege of being allowed to visit and document the massive interior which exists partly in its original state and also shows several stages of modernization from the 1960s-2000's. Living nearby at the old nurses quarter's (now renovated into apartments), I see the hospital from my windows and am reminded daily of how the specter of mental health looms large in the public consciousness. Most recently, mental illness has been cited as the root cause of acts of terrorism, including several recent mass shootings within the US in the past year. The Kirkbride building suffers a similar stigma. It is an integral part of the town and the state's history, but that same history also carries the stigma of how mental illness has been misunderstood in our culture. While the town decides the future of the building, it remains undisturbed, but it cannot be ignored.


27 August 2015
I am opening my studio to the public as part of a Site Visit, organized by Site95. Participating artists include Nathan Catlin, Matthew Fischer, Alexandra Lerman, Miryam Prodanovic, Jordan Rathus, Brie Ruais, Maria Stabio, Elena Soterakis and Lea Cetera. @ Trackside Studios, 219 36th Street, 4th floor, Brooklyn, New York, 6-10pm


8 July 2015
I will be performing at Essex Flowers on August 23rd, 2015, 5-8 PM

Anxiously Attached: An Evening of Performances
An evening of performances rated by Sonya Derman and Maria Stabio

Jonathan VanDyke: o ­Holed Charley, 14, Walnut wood, cast rubber, and pigmented urethane in dripping sequence, 42.5 inches high x 33.5 inches wide x 4.25 inches deep.

Katie Vida: u May Not Be an Oil Painting, But You're A Fascinating Monster

Laura Miller: netary Realism
collaboration with Daniela Di Donato

Maria Stabio: Artist Talk

Sonya Derman: ses

Joshua Abelow: od Mornin and other texts by Joshua Abelow Performed by Jamian Juliano-­Villani and Brian Belott

PACKET, bi­weekly magazine printed in Brooklyn, has published a special section which accompanies Anxiously Attached. Copies of CKET re available for purchase throughout the event.


9 June 2015
I have recently been accepted to two artist residencies: Hinge Arts Residency Program in Fergus Falls, MN, and The Rensing Center in Pickens, SC. I will be attending both this coming winter and spring of 2016, respectively.

3 April 2015
I have co-curated an exhibition called Stirring Still with Ioana Manolache. 
Please click here for the press release.

Stirring Still opens Friday April 3, 5-7 pm

On View April 3 - April 29
LeRoy Neiman Gallery, Columbia University
310 Dodge Hall 2960 Broadway New York NY 10027
Hours Mon – Fri 9am – 5pm 212-854-7641

Samuel T. Adams / Gina Beavers / Amy Bennett / Matthew Buckingham / Jessica Dickinson / Lois Dodd / Josephine Halvorson / Corin Hewitt / Elizabeth Jaeger / Claudio Nolasco / John Walker


16 December 2014
I have organized a group exhibition with Brie Ruais at Torrance Shipman Gallery. Details below:

Sisrahtac opens Tuesday December 16, 7 PM

December 16 - January 16, 2015
Opening: Tuesday, December 16, 7-9pm 219 36th St, 4th Floor in Sunset Park, Brooklyn.

Gregory Amenoff • Sonya Derman • Amanda Friedman • Nora Griffin • Stephanie Gonzalez-Turner • Haley Hughes • Jon Kessler • Jenni Knight • Reuben Lorch-Miller • Nicole Maloof • Robbie McDonald • Kaitlin McDonough • Sophy Naess • Sam Payne • Brie Ruais • Carolyn Salas • Maria Stabio • Kendra Sullivan • Katie Vida


26 April 2014
I am participating in Industry City Open Studios on Saturday, April 26th in collaboration with Torrance Shipman Gallery. Address is 219 36th St, 4th Floor. 11am-6pm. 


7 March - 4 April 2014
My painting Doha Flatware Series #1 is on view at The Last Brucennial. 837 Washington Street, NYC. Open Wednesday - Sunday 12-6 PM


22 January 2014
I'm teaching Painting 1 at Columbia University's School of the Arts, Spring 2014 Semester.


19 March 2014
Onfair Young Collectors will be using an image from my Niches/Van Dyke Series for their upcoming event at ArtDubai. 


13 January 2014
I've curated a show at Torrance Shipman titled Line Up. Artists include Ben Hall, Salma Hassaan, Montana & Amelie Ray, Katie Vida, and m.stabio. 


22 September 2013
Cenotaph at the PS 1 Printed Matter Book Fair

Screen Shot 2013-10-19 at 10.16.29 PM.png
Screen Shot 2013-10-19 at 10.16.13 PM.png

20 August 2013
Postcard in collaboration with Montana Ray for her reading at WORD Bookstore in Brooklyn, NY


2 August 2013
I'm in a show at Louis B James in NYC's Lower East Side, opening August 2nd:
Diff'rent Strokes-Small Paintings. Runs until August 29.

18 July 2013
Montana Ray and myself drop off Cenotaph at Mellow Pages Library in Brooklyn, NY

Screen Shot 2013-10-19 at 10.22.35 PM.png